Soaring Wings Half Marathon and Fall!

My race has finally come and gone! I can't believe it is over. It seems like yesterday I had just started my training but that was over 16 weeks ago! This is a great race to run. The proceeds go to a great cause, the course is tough, and they have a lot of food waiting on you when you cross the finish line! Today had the perfect weather for running. It was kind of cold but not too cold. I finished in 2 hours and 15 minutes. This is not where I want to be, but I finished! I really want to finish in under 2 hours....hopefully I can do that in March at the Little Rock Half! I ran the first 7 miles fine but then I started getting tired. Mile 11 and 12 were definitely the hardest! I am so glad I got to run a race again....there is nothing like crossing the finish line! It makes you want to do more. I was so hungry when I finished! I grabbed some fruit, pizza, and a bag of M&M's!! I didn't care what I ate at that point. Here are a couple pictures of me and Ashley finishing the race!

I love Fall so much! I wish it hadn't rained so much this year though. I drove up to Bentonville last weekend and the weather was great. The mountatins were beautifu! I remember I couldn't wait for Fall to get here and was already buying my Halloween party stuff in July! It was before I even went on vacation. And now I am already buying stuff for Christmas! I really need to slow down. I couldn't wait for Halloween to get here and now I am ready for Christmas. If the stores didn't put Christmas stuff out so soon, I wouldn't get so anxious. I have already started buying more Christmas decorations...I love decorating for Christmas! Here I go rambling on about Christmas....I need to wait until after Halloween. I am really excited about our Halloween party this weekend! I have a yummy menu planned and fun games! Here is a picture of Hershey....her first Halloween!

Tomorrow Brandy and I are going to bake pumpkin and roast the seeds! I can't wait! I will post after we do that!