Wholly Guacamole!

Last night I made homemade guacamole and shrimp tacos! It was delicious!! I LOVE avocados and they are so good for you!
I found the guacamole recipe here:
 I found the shrimp taco recipe here:
 {Whatever you do, don't try this sauce by itself! It is nasty but it does taste great on the tacos!}
 We tried our guacamole with pretzel chips instead of tortilla chips. It's actually pretty good and healthier!



Our Weekend in Bentonville

This weekend we loaded up the pups and headed to Bentonville to see my parents. We had a great relaxing weekend! Here the pups are anxiously waiting to leave:
We finally had time to visit Crystal Bridges Art Museum 
 Of course I had to take a picture of the owl
 Love it!
During lunch
 Delicious chicken salad
 There were so many cute journals! I was in heaven!
 On our way home
 They had such a tough weekend


Photo Dump Friday

I am very excited because we get to see our families this weekend and next week! I have missed spending time with our families! Today is Photo Dump Friday...sorry if you follow me on Instagram you will get the same pictures twice! We had a pretty relaxing week but like I said last week, I can't wait to start school! I can't wait to go back and work in my classroom and meet all of my new students and of course see all of my students from last year. I bet they have grown so much over the summer! I hope you have a great weekend!

Outfit from last weekend
 Veggie sandwich...delicious!! 
 Hershey and Tucker being best friends
 My first attempt at making a homemade Greek salad
 Best friends again
 Broccoli soup and Greek salad...yum
 This is what a lot of my week consisted of...relaxing and watching Friends
 Another outfit...I love my elephant ring and blue skinny jeans
 We jumped on a trampoline this week...brought back so many childhood memories!
 What my mornings look like...definitely my favorite time of the day!
 This is how our dogs beg for food...at least they don't bark and whine!
 We had a great night of playing Quelf with some of our best friends! You all should play this game! Soooooo fun!
 Quelf and our random selection of food
 Jonathan and Katie playing video games :)
 Cracker Barrel in the comforts of our own home
 Another outfit...I love yellow and navy
 The Branscum's introduced us to Pineapple whip this week...it was wonderful!!