Great Saturday!

My day started off with a great run. It was super hot again! I have got to get used to this weather! I am going for a run tomorrow morning at 6:00 AM. Hopefully it will be a lot better. For breakfast I ate Lucky Charms which was not a good choice. No energy for the run and definitely not healthy. I will remember that next time. For lunch Jonathan and I made these great pita sandwiches. I had a whole wheat pita with organic lettuce, turkey, cheese, hummus, and basil pesto sauce. It was delish! After cleaning the house and doing laundry we headed to Beaverfork to ride the Jet Ski. It was hot there too! The lake felt like bath water! It was fun and I got some sun though! We came home and got ready and headed to Fridays for dinner. It was our first time there. We had a buy one entree get one free and a gift card so it was basically free! It is hard to eat healthy when you go out to eat. We looked online to see what was healthy there but they don't even have their nutrition facts on their website. I hate it when places do that. We like to look at it before we go places because you never know how bad stuff is for you. We did end up finding the nutrition facts on another website and their salads are awful for you. I didn't expect that! Just shows you may think you are eating healthy when you aren't! I got the Dragonfire Chicken. It was grilled chicken with some yummy sauce, brown rice and broccoli. It was one of the healthiest things on the menu but it was very good! After we ate we went to Kroger and bought some fruit and healthy ice to make milk shakes. Jonathan makes the best mily shakes! I had to add some fiber to my shake because I definitely did not have the amount I needed today. I felt pretty good about today. Hopefully I can keep up the good work! Going to finish watching Friends with my hubby now!


Crazy Week!

This week has been crazy! It first started off with my Monday phone call from my friend Heather. Her words were, "I am on my way to work in Little Rock and I wanted to let you know the interstate is closed down because pigs are on the loose!" I said what?! Apparently an 18 wheeler of pigs tipped over and the pigs were running around on the interstate. Only in Arkansas would that happen. I just knew it was going to be a joke Jay Leno. I was like great I am going to be late for work. I hate sitting in traffic and having to call in and say I am sorry but I am late again because of traffic. Luckily it was 430 and I go down I-30 so I wasn't too late. Tuesday Ed Macmahon died. Wednesday I went to the dentist and I must say it was a dentist appointment I will never forget. I went to Monarch here in Conway. There is a little boutique called Dress it Up next door and then a tobacco store next door to that. As I was getting my x-rays taken we heard a loud crash and sirens going off. We all just looked at each other. I was like I think someone just ran through the building. We all ran out of the room and outside and come to find out a lady who was going to the tobacco store (at 7:30 in the morning) ran her truck straight through the window and to the back of the store! I felt so bad for the girls who just opened the store. It had only been open for about 2 weeks and all of their merchandise was destroyed. What is crazy is that I was in the next room. If that girl had gone 5 feet over she would have ran into the room I was in and me and the dental hygenist would have been hit. We went to check on the girl and she had already gotten out of her truck and was in the tobacco store buying her cigarettes. I was like seriously? You just ran through a building and you are buying your dang cigarettes?? I really think she was on something. She had to be going fast to jump curb and go through the whole store. And today Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett died today. It is so sad that Michael Jackson is gone. I know he was crazy but I really did like his music.

I haven't been able to run the past two days because we have been gone and not had time. I have been eating good to make up for it! Tonight we ate with Sarah and Eric. Sarah made this AMAZING chicken dish with rice that could kick PF Changs butt! And I love PF Changs. Well it is way past my bedtime. Good night.


So Sick of Jon and Kate!

Ok so I am definitely tired of hearing about Jon and Kate. I think the show ruined their marriage and I feel sorry for their kids. I am ready for the day when they are old news. Why would you want to keep your kids on the show? For the money I guess.

Other than Jon and Kate today was a good day! I had a good day at work, everything went smoothly. I came home and went to the bike trail to run. Today was much better than yesterday! It wasn't as hot so I was able to run a lot more. No snow cones today though. When I got home Jonathan had grilled some of my favorite things to eat! Today I was reading an article about healthy grilling recipes and grilled chicken and grilled pineapples was one of them. I love grilled chicken and pineapples. I was thinking man that sounds so good! Well guess what, Jonathan read my mind and that is exactly what he was cooking when I got home! We also had grilled tomatoes and rice. It was a very delicious and healty meal! Dinner time is my favorite time of the day. Every night we cook dinner and watch Friends. Joey makes me laugh so hard! We have all 10 seasons so Friends will NEVER get old! I love watching Friends with Jonathan!

Here is a pic of our delicious meal!


My First Post

Well this is my first post. I have been wanting to create a blog for a while now but never really knew what to write about. A lot of things are going on now! We just moved into our new home! It is a rent house, but it is better than living an an apartment for sure! We just got our new puppy and I will be going back to school in a couple of weeks. It seems like everything is changing at once but it is all very exciting. We just got a chocolate lab. She is so smart! Here is a picture of her.

We took her out to Beaverfork this weekend and she is so good at swimming! She is already fetching her duck in the water.

We are going to the beach in a little over a month and I am very excited! But I am not ready to get in my swimsuit. I feel like I have been so busy lately that I haven't been able to work out and run as much. I figured my life is probably not going to be slowing down so there can't be anymore excuses. Luckliy I have a great husband who eats healthy all the time and holds me accountable. I am now addicted to this blog on Self.com called Eat Like Me. It is by a dietitian who blogs about her life and what she eats. It is really cool to see how a real dietitation eats and how she struggles with being busy too. I did really good today! I ate within my calorie range and ate the amount of veggies, fruit, and fiber I needed. Jonathan and I took Hershey out to the park. I ran/walked 3 miles and Jonathan worked on training Hershey. It was SO HOT I couldn't run the whole thing. Afterwards we went to the snow cone place and got a green apple snow cone...it was very yummy after running! Even hershey loved it! I have never seen a dog attack a snow cone the way she did!

Well I am off to bed. Gotta get up and go to work!