A Burgin Update

So, Jonathan asked me why I haven't updated our blog lately. There is honestly no excuse. It has been over a month! Sometimes I get so caught up in reading other blogs that I neglect ours. So now for a Burgin update. We had a great Thanksgiving! We spent Thanksgiving day in El Dorado with my family and then after Thanksgiving, we headed to my in-laws farm to see Jonathan's family. While at the farm, I sat in the deer stand all by myself and hunted! I usually hunt with Jonathan, but this time I wanted to hunt by myself. I really wanted to impress my husband by killing my first deer without his help, but unfortunately all I saw were squirrels and an opossum.

Today I woke up to a ton of Cyber Monday emails! Talk about overwhelming! I was checking out everyones websites trying to figure out the best deals. I came up with my WISH list.

My Cyber Monday / Christmas Wish List:

Of course that wasn't all :)

Our house is now decorated for Christmas and has been for a couple of weeks now. I love Christmas time!!! These things say Christmas to me!

Gotta love Yankee candles!

The best Christmas cookbook ever! You can find it at Dillard's for only $10! I get one every year!

Can't wait to bake this cake!

The joys of Christmas magazines!

The little Razorback / hunting tree in our room

Our tree!

I love Christmas ornaments that have meaning. Growing up my mom always bought mom, dad, and daughter Hallmark ornaments. It is so much fun looking at those each year. Here are some of our ornaments that I would like to share with you:

Jonathan's mom gave us this ornament with the date of our engagement

This was given to us by my parents "Our First Christmas"

Our second Christmas together

If you are from El Dorado, you know what a Spudnut is!!!

I can't wait to have special ornaments for our future children!!