Roasted Shrimp Enchiladas with Jalapeno Cream Sauce

I found another recipe that I am in loooove with!! It is roasted shrimp enchiladas with jalapeno cream sauce. Delicious! Can you guess where I found this recipe? Thats right, Pinterst! You can find so many wonderful recipes on Pinterest! You can find the recipe on this blog.

The raw shrimp right before baking.
Baked shrimp 
 I absolutely cannot chop onions. 1. It burns my eyes REALLY bad and 2. I am awful at it. These are the reasons I use a food processor! 
 Making the filling! I did not use carrots...that just didn't sound very good to me. Who knows, it may be delicious!
 Melting the butta!
 The delicious jalapeno cream sauce!
 Before baking
 All done! I added some more cheese to the top!

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