Our New Home

It has been forever since I lasted posted!! So much has been going on since my last post! Jonathan and I completed our first year as a teacher and School Psychologist...the last week of school was very tough! I am going to miss my kiddos sooooo much! We also moved into our first home!! Yay!!!! I have been dreaming of having my own home for years!!! I thought I would give you a little picture tour and I apologize in advance for the lighting in my pictures. We have a lot of windows and I am no professional photographer so the lighting looks awful!

This is when you walk in the front door:

 The living room:
Our kitchen:
The furniture we painted:

The sunroom:

Extra Bedroom:
 Extra Bathroom:
 Master Bathroom:
Master Bedroom: 
Office/Future Baby Room:  

I can't believe we are all moved in! We have wonderful friends and family!!