Scenes From the Weekend

My favorite part about Valentine's Day...the chocolates my dad gives me

$25 ski outfit found at a consignment store!!

I went to my favorite book store and bought books for my classroom and some other children's classics!

Cute journals!

My love for coffee mugs

Told you!

Cute measuring cups

Happy Weekend!


Why I LOVE Saturdays!

I love Saturdays and I wanted to share with you why! It is hunting season so I have had some time to myself. I have a Saturday routine I look forward to! I wake up {usually to Tucker or Hershey licking me}, fix some yummy breakfast and coffee, put my sheets in the washing machine and make my grocery list. I am in love with Kroger! I literally have not been to Wal-Mart so far this year {I know it's not even February} and I haven't missed it once! You can add coupons to your Kroger card {and you can still use them even if the item is already on sale}! How brilliant! Kroger isn't near as crowded as Wal-Mart and it's right down the road from the gym! How perfect since my favorite part of Saturday is Zumba!! If you haven't tried Zumba, you should! It is the only work out I hate missing. I'm getting that way about spin too! So anyways, my Saturday's have consisted of going to Zumba, Kroger, cleaning/laundry, then heading to my classroom to work! I know you are probably thinking how pathetic, but I love it!

I saw a wonderful idea on Pinterest {big surprise}. Everyday for the next year you write something you are thankful for. Jonathan and I started this on January 1st. It has been great to think of things we are thankful for everyday!
The first day I wrote that I was thankful to be a kindergarten teacher at Ellen Smith! I seriously love my job!
I pinned this today:
This is so true. I can work long long hours and never get tired of it! I love my students, my co-workers, and my principals! I love everything about it! That is one why reason I created another blog specifically for my classroom! I created it for my parents, but also so you guys don't have to hear about it all the time! But for today just let me just say I am so blessed.

I have Pinterest and blogs to thank for all of the extra time I put into my job! I see the cutest things and then I think I have to go to my classroom to make it! Here are some of the things I did today:
{I organized}
{Created more posters...Getting ready for MLK and diversity}
{And made a new behavior chart. I am bored with the red light chart and I think my kids are too! It is time for something new!}
Now I am hanging out with Tucker and getting ready to watch Miss America!!
I hope you are enjoying your Saturday as much as I am!

I am going to leave you with a video of Tucker. I have titled it Tucker vs Marshmallows. He loves Marshmallows! I think he like Hungry Hungry Hippo!