A Recipe and Wreath Tutorial

I have two things I want to share with you...a recipe and a wreath project! Both ideas came from Pinterst. First, I want to share with you a recipe I found and loved! These are cake batter balls. You can find the recipe here:
 Next, I made a new wreath for my front door:
I found ideas from here and here
It was very easy to make! Wrapping the wreath in yarn however, was very time consuming.
First, I hot glued burlap rosettes onto cardboard and then spray painted them. I let them dry while I wrapped the wreath:
 The instructions I found online said to buy a foam wreath...well those were $11.99 and the one below was only $4.99! I left the wreath in the package that way it was easier to wrap the yarn around it.
 And several hours later...I had a yarn wrapped wreath! (Seriously watched The Parent Trap and Lion King while wrapping the wreath)
 Now the chalkboard...I hot glued it to the wreath
 Then I hot glued the rosettes to the wreath and now it's finished!

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