Photo Dump Friday

Jonathan and I just got back from China, yes China! I will post pictures from our trip very soon and tell you all about it! For now, I would like to start a new series called Photo Dump Friday. I am constantly taking pictures and I would like to share pictures from my week. It is summer and I am not working so I should have plenty of time to get back into blogging!! Here are some pictures from my week:

 Our front door...I finally planted some flowers
 We tried out some new tea that we bought in China
 My favorite pups
Some souvenirs we bought in China
I missed them while we were gone!
Jonathan surprised me with french toast this morning!
We found these cute guys in our backyard
Hershey's new favorite spot in the house
Awesome verse I read this week...such a great reminder!
Chalkboard I made out of an extra cabinet door we had sitting around

Shelf I painted and hung in the extra bathroom

I hope you all had a great week!!