Jonathans Big Buck and Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving and the weekend were great! We ate with our friends Doug, Teresa, and Ryan. We have never eaten Thanksgiving with friends and it was fun! Doug and Teresa are from CA and weren't going back home so we decided to do Thanksgiving with them and Ryan's family was out of town so he joined us! Jonathan and the guys went hunting Thanksgiving morning and Jonathan finally killed him a deer! He has been wanting to all year and he finally did! It was 220 lbs! Here are some pics:

Here is its head in the ice chest....so gross!

I went to Teresas to help her start cooking. We cooked so much food for 5 people! We had a ton leftover. It was very yummy!

I have never done early Black Friday shopping so Teresa and I got up early and went to Best Buy at 5:00 am. We then went to Old Navy, and personally the sales weren't that great. I have seen much better sales at Old Navy! But since I got up so early I wasn't going to leave without buying something. So, I bought a pair of shoes, scarf, and a water bottle. I stood in line for an hour to check out. I was so mad, but I did it anyways. I probably won't get up early again. Shopping online is much better! After we went shopping, I headed to El Dorado to visit my family! It had been 7 months since I had been there last so I was really excited to see everyone! Here are some pics:

I went o House of Wylie which is my favorite place to eat in El Do! My mom and I met my girl cousins (plus Kayden), aunts and grandmas there for lunch! So much fun to catch up with everyone! Saturday I met my best friend Lauren for lunch. It is always fun to see her! I don't get to see her much anymore, but it is fun when I do get to see her! I then tried to sneak Benji home with me....needless to say, my parents would never let that happen!


Journals and Knitting

Well today marks the end of one journal and tomorrow will be the beginning of the new one. I am obssessed with writing in my journals! I feel it is something I have to do everyday or most days at least. It is always sad to leave one but very excitiing to start a new one! I have had my new one for several months now and I have been ready to start writing in it! I am very picky about my journals but not as picky as I am about my coffee mugs. I am really weird. It is just something that gets me through the day! I love to go back and re-read some of my old journals. I have prayers for many things and it is awesome to go back and see how God has answered all of them. I started writing about the time JOnathan and I started dating so it is really cool to read about my prayers for our dating relationship and now about our marriage! God has brought us through so much!

Ok on the knitting....I know this sounds like I am a grandma but I have found a new love for knitting! One of the little girls I work with has learned how to knit from her grandma and she was showing me what she learned. It really inspired me! I don't want to be one of those grandmas who can't teach their grandchildren how to do anything! I can't sew and before yesterday I couldn't knit! Now I have something to teach my grandchildren. I went to hobby lobby and bought my first pair of needles and yarn. I didn't get the cutest yarn because I just wanted something to practice with. At first I kept getting fed up because my fingers were getting all tangled up and the yarn just looked like a bunch of knots.

But then I decided not to give up just yet. After a couple of hours of yelling at the lady on youtube who was trying to teach me, I finally got it! And once you get it, it is real easy! I am still working on the basic knit stitch and will eventually try to make cool patterns and use different colors. Here is a pic of what I have so far. Not sure if I want to keep going and try to make a scarf or just start over since there are some mistakes. I guess I will keep going on this one for now!



This morning I started thinking about how God has blessed me so much. I have the best husband, the greatest family, and the most wonderful friends. Mornings are definitely my favorite.

With two of my really good friends getting married at the end of this year, I have been to several wedding showers. I love going to showers! It is so exciting to celebrate your closest friends getting married! It makes me miss my wedding. I love to see all the neat things they registered for and how they are going to decorate their new home. I loved doing all that fun stuff with my hubby! Today is our year and a half anniversary! I can't believe that in 6 months we will have been married for two years! I just want to say, that I have married my best friend. Marriage is tough for sure, especially when both of you are very competitive and stubborn like we are! But I love going to sleep and waking up to my best friend. I love it that I always have someone to share my deepest thoughts with and someones shoulder to cry on. I love having someone I can spoil and trust me I spoil Jonathan! Here are some of our greatest times together:


Halloween, Showers, and Christmas Tree

Well I was really excited about my Halloween party and then never posted pictures. We had a lot of great food and a lot of people in our little bitty house!

Here are all the girls:

Jonathan and I:

The yummy food!

I have been to a lot of showers lately! I love going to wedding showers especially lingerie showers! Here are some pictures from the lingerie shower I hotsted for Christeena!

And lastly I was really excited about putting up my Christmas tree so I did! I have never decorated before Thanksgiving but I did this year!