3 and 4 Months

  I missed Audrey Grace's 3 month update so I am going to combine her 3 and 4 month updates! I kept putting it off and before I knew it, she was 4 months old! So here it goes! Be prepared for a lot of pictures!!

Audrey Grace went on her first vacation to Tennessee! She did so good! I was a little nervous about driving that far, but she stayed on schedule (eat, play, sleep) and we only had to stop 2 or 3 times to feed her.

 While we were there, she turned 3 months old!
She started trying to roll over from her back to her front while on vacation and by the next week she had it down! Now we can't keep her on her back!

 First Father's Day for Jonathan
 She loves playing with her daddy! She is definitely a daddy's girl!
 She is finally taking a bottle (only when needed). This is huge for when I go back to work! 

 She loves playing with Jordan...they are so sweet together!
She loves getting her diaper changed. I have never seen a baby laugh so much when getting their diaper changed! See, we can't keep her on her back!
 I LOVE dressing this cutie up and taking pictures!
 She is sleeping through the night now! Woo hoo! She goes to bed at 7:00 and wakes up anywhere between 6:30 and 8:00 the next morning! She is always so happy when she wakes up!
Trip to Bentonville
 I do what I can to get stuff done!
 Two of her favorites: playing in her exersaucer and playing with her daddy
 She went to the park for the first time
 First 4th of July
 Again, so happy when she wakes up
AG met her great-grandparents:
 Daddo and Patpaw
 Grandma Pittman and Grandma Moore
 Grandma Nina
Tucker HAS to be wherever she is at all times!
 We love watching her sleep...she is so stinking cute
 AG at her grandparents house. Playing with my old doll and sucking on her fingers
 And now she is 4 months old!
Still loving bath time
 Happy little girl
This is one of my favorite pictures!!
 She is clearly having a conversation with her animals
 Put this girl on a table and she goes to tap dancing! Taking after her momma!
 Doctor visit...which means shots. So sad :( Only time she would take her Wubba Nub
 This is before her shots...she was having a good time playing on her belly. Poor thing had no idea what was about to happen!
After her shots...she was so tired
Being a mom has been so much fun! Jonathan and I are loving every minute of being parents! God has blessed us with such a wonderful, happy, healthy baby!