Eat Like Me

Haven't posted in a while because there is just nothing interesting going on....just work and school. Today has been a normal Saturday for me: breakfast, run, grocery store, laundry, etc. I am finally getting to sit down and rest though! I am not sure if I have ever mentioned this blog before, but it is one I am obsessed with reading....it is called Eat Like Me. Cristin Jones is a dietitian who blogs for Self.com. She writes about everything she eats and how to eat healthy even when you are really busy. Everyone should read this blog!! She gives great ideas about different meals and ways to cook healthy. She even eats dessert! Not all the time of course, but sparingly. I really think I should have been a dietitian....except not really. I just love learning about food and what is good for you and how much of everything you should eat in a day. My good friend Christeena (who I posted about previous to this one) is in school to be a dietitian. I am constantly asking her questions and she even let me borrow her text books so I could read about different foods. Cristin Jones was on Regis and Kelly this past week and for those of who don't know, Regis and Kelly is my favorite show! Cristin discussed 10 different super foods, here is  link to the video:

And here is link to her blog: http://www.self.com/fooddiet/blogs/eatlikeme/

That's all I have for today!



Two of my really good friends has gotten married recently. Jamie and Miller got married on New Year's Eve! Let me tell you, definitely the best reception I have ever been to! They got married in Fayetteville and had their reception at the Garden Room. It was a big New Year's Eve party. I feel bad because I didn't take many pictures at all, I was to busy dancing to take pictures. Plus my camera sucks and it didn't take very good picutres because it was dark in the room. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of Jamie and Miller but here are a couple that I took:
Rachel goes no where without her Big Sexy Hairspray!

My good friend Christeena got married this past Saturday. I was lucky enough to be a bride's maid! I took a lot of pictures at this wedding! She was definitely a beautiful bride!

I am so happy for you guys!!!