Pretty Day

I am so excited that the weather is so pretty! I wish it was a little cooler but it will get there! I am about to go run on the bike trail again once my ipod gets charged. Running is so relaxing. Except when I went the other day. I was supposed to run 8 miles, the weather was perfect and I was really excited. As soon as I got there my GPS watch died so I couldn't keep track of my distance and pace. I was like oh well I know how far to go so I will just go for it. And then my ipod died so no more music. And then I was like oh well it is pretty so I will keep going. But then, the most creepy old guy on a bike was on the trail. You could definitely tell he was not there to ride bikes. I felt like he was following me so I got off the trail and started riding on a pretty busy road. Well I turn around and there he is! So now I am definitely freaked out and turn back around and haul butt back to the trail and once again there he is. Then I heard him whistle at another woman so I just left and went to the HPER to run on the treadmill. I was so disappointed. Is it necessary for people to be creepy? I mean I probably could have taken him if I needed to, but I didn't want to try :) Anyways I know today's run will be much better! 

Tonight is the first night of worship! I am really excited because 5 different churches are coming together to do one worship. I anxious to see what all goes on! I really hope this turns out great and some people come to know the Lord!! 


Lots Going on!

I think my stone age computer has finally died. I logged into Twitter for the first time in months and all of these random trashy ppl were following me. I think somehow I got a virus through twitter. I swear I will never use Twitter again. It really sucks not having a computer and having to rely on my hubbies. I can't decide if I want to get a new one or try to get mine fixed. I really want a MAC but I am not sure if I want to fork out the money just yet. Anyways, I was really excited about uploading vacation pictures and now I can't! We had a great time in FL....the weather was perfect and the food was amazing! My favorite place to eat was this hole in the wall cheapo place. It was our last night and I was so tired of dressing up. I wore a tee shirt and shorts with NO makeup. It was the best night! My parents took us parasailing...it was so much fun! There were so many jelly fish I seriously thought I was going to die. It was like all the jelly fish on Finding Nemo....luckily they were father down than I thought! I had a great time running in FL! It sucked because I didn't sleep in once but it was worth it. If I ran past 7:00 AM it was too hot! And the tiny fitness center (if thats what you call it) was even worse. There was no air circulation and you couldn't see the beach. 

I have now officially started my new job! I am really enjoying it! I get to work on my own time and I work with kids. I love kids! I met with a little boy today and he made me smile the whole time! It makes me really excited about teaching! 

I am really excited about running now too! Not that I have never been, but starting out is so hard and once you get good at it is so much more enjoyable. I am now up to 12 miles! Almost halfway to my goal! Tomorrow I run 8...it makes me really excited that 8 miles is now my training days and not my long distance days! I am planning on running in the Conway half in October. Hopefully I will kick butt since I can already run that far....now I will just work on speed! 

I am so over summer! I cant wait for Fall! I already have my Halloween party planned and my decorations ready to go up! I have already started buying stuff for my party so it doesn't all come at once. I figured that was pretty smart! I made this super cute wreath about a month ago! I can't wait to hang it up. I have so many holiday decorating ideas going through my head! I can't wait for the holiday's to get here and the cool weather! I especially can't wait to run in the cool weather!!


So it has been a long time since writing last! Well I have a new job now at AR Counseling so I am no longer jobless! Woo hoo! I started today and so far so good! I really think I will enjoy it! This is my last week of summer school....I am almost finished with my first semester in grad school! I am really excited about going to Destin this Sat! Jonathan and I have been working out hard to get ready for the beach. I have completed 4 weeks of my marathon training program and am now up to 8 miles! Only 12 more weeks to go! Hopefully I will still be able to run while in FL....running on the beach will be fun! 8 miles used to be nothing to me....but I had to start all over which sucks but I am finally at that point where I am like how many more miles can go?! I love running....it makes me feel so good when I am finished! This past Saturday it was raining so I had to run 8 miles on the treadmill which is torture. I got so bored but when I was finished I felt so much better!

Saturday Jonathan, Rachel, Brandy and I tried winning Keith Urban tickets...I am really pissed at KSSN 96 and Verizon. We drove all the way to LR to register to win back stage passes to see Keith Urban and when we showed up they said we had to buy a phone or start a new plan to event register!!!! I was like are you kidding me??? I will never buy a phone from Verizon. I am bitter because they didn't say anthing about that on the radio so we drove all that way for nothing. It would be cheaper to buy tickets than to buy a phone! Oh well made a good story and we had some bonding time!