Two Months

Audrey Grace turned two months old last week! I can't believe she is already two months. Time has flown by and I  absolutely love being a mom!

Mommy had a fun photo shoot with you the day you turned two months old! You were so happy and didn't care that I kept changing your outfit so we had a lot of fun taking pictures!
You love playing with your daddy! You are definitely a daddy's girl! You get so excited when he walks in the room!
You've been going to the gym with mommy and daddy! You either sleep the whole time or are occupied by all the fun things to look at. You are so curious. You even like to wear your leg warmers when you go.
You and mommy have so much fun in the mornings. You usually sit in your bumbo while mommy eats breakfast. Then we go to your room and you play while mommy finishes her coffee.
 You love playing! You are holding your head up so well and starting to roll over on your back!
 You and mommy love to talk. You are a big talker!! 
You took your first nap in your crib! 
You've been going to church and you do so good in the nursery!
You have so much fun playing with Jordan! Well at least he has fun! Jordan adores you!
You smile ALL the time...unless you are hungry! You are seriously the happiest baby!
You had your two month checkup which consisted of your first shots :( This is the before and after picture. You were so happy and peaceful and then so sad after your shots. But you are back to being happy now! You weigh 11 lbs 10 oz and are 23 inches long. You are growing up so fast!
I have to end on a happier picture! You are the best Audrey Grace!!

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